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Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra - Saturday 12/12 Focus

Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra,

Great rehearsal this Saturday morning! We have a wonderful opportunity before us tomorrow and next Sunday. Here we go!

Continue to pray for all who are still fighting illness, including our production director, Brian Davidson. It is a joy to serve with you!


Have you ever inherited anything? Sometimes we consider physical characteristics and say “You’ve got the family profile.” Or maybe you received money or some possessions of someone who has passed away. In both cases, you were given something you didn’t get to choose and likely couldn’t refuse either. Someone’s legacy, what remains after they’ve left, was been passed to you.

What about the legacy we choose to leave to family and friends? Some things we give away before we’re gone, maybe without realizing what we’re doing. Empowerment or discouragement. Grace or judgment. Faith or fear. Cheerfulness or despair. Esteem or criticism.

We moved recently. It was a great opportunity to pass some things to the thrift store and the dumpster. Not everything is worth keeping yourself, and some things no one needs. Upgrading what we dispense daily to others is a worthy project. So is disposing of the not-so-terrific stuff that keeps accumulating when we’re not looking. We also have to evaluate what we have inherited and deliberately determine not to pass along some things that have done nothing but cause heartache and hurt.

As a living worship and music organism, we too have a legacy. Certainly we strive to be a conduit for glorious, majestic, life-giving worship. We are careful to work on making our lives match the words we sing. We make every effort to enhance the things we inherited and add to their value.

And we create a community of excellence, integrity, passion, and ministry in the process. A legacy we can share today and also one we can polish like your grandmother’s silver service so there is something beautiful and of value for the next generation of worship leaders to inherit.

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