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Thank You to Choir and Orchestra. Our Schedule Wed. 12/16 thru Thurs. 12/24

Brothers and Sisters of The Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra,

I do not believe that I have ever witnessed the continuous avalanche of blessing upon blessing and encouragement upon encouragement the further we have gotten from a presentation. The heart-warming and inspirational responses keep coming as men and women, children, students, and young families share their experiences of this past Sunday afternoon. The minds and the souls of many, many people were greatly touched and impacted through the truth of what you sang and the way in which you sang. God honored your willing hearts and He honored the preparation of hard work and commitment to speak His Spirit and message through our presentation.

Once again, we stand in awe of His generous provisions to allow us to stand and present this specific and unique ministry the world He has created. God is deserving of our efforts, time, resources, budgets, facilities, and production resources. The Body of Christ was inspired and discipled through these greater meanings of God Incarnate, and those who had never heard the truths of Jesus Christ’s coming encountered the gospel. How grateful and thankful we are!!!

I am so inspired, motivated, and thrilled about conducting these next two presentations this Sunday! The repertoire and the message of our songs deserve these additional venues! Our orchestra will be moved to the preaching platform level and I will be moved up closer to you, which will undoubtedly strengthen our ensemble and greatly enhance our musicianship. I hope you sense the growing momentum within our ministry building towards this tremendous opportunity. Please extend invitations to your family, friends, neighbors, and work associates to especially attend the 9:15am presentation!

Here is a schedule glance for the remainder of this week, December 16, into Sunday, December 20th, and then Christmas Eve!



Orchestra tunes and works "Festival Fanfare for Christmas”, “Appalachian Carol”, and “O Holy Night”


Sanctuary Choir seated in Sanctuary Loft according to seating chart! (Bring both rehearsal folder and performance folder!!!)

1) We will troubleshoot performance repertoire for December 20 performances with orchestra

2) We will rehearse repertoire for Christmas Eve – “The First Noel” - Wilberg; “No Eye Had Seen” - Krogstad


Choir dismissed to Choral Hall to prepare for party

Orchestra rehearses “The Christmas Scripture Reading” with Christmas Eve Readers


Combined Orchestra and Choir Christmas Party begins…..(food and beverages provided!!!)

Praying that we all stay and fellowship together as a Worship and Music Ministry!!!!

Sunday, December 20

Presentations #2 and #3 of "His Name Shall Be Called… Jesus

7:45am Muffins/coffee in the Choral Hall

8:15am Call time, seated with folders in the loft

8:40am Return to Choral Hall, short break, get a candle, some water

9:05am Line up in the stairwells at the back of the Sanctuary

9:15am Presentation

10:25am Break between presentations

10:35am Line up in the stairwells at the back of the Sanctuary, candles will be distributed from there

10:45am Presentation

Thursday, December 24 Christmas Eve Services

Wear festive Christmas Attire (No robes); Orchestra in casual black

5:30pm Seated in Choral Hall with worship folders

5:50pm Process to Sanctuary

6:00pm Christmas Eve Service #1 with Orchestra

6:50pm Recess to Choral Hall for Barbara’s Christmas Goodies and Beverages

7:50pm Process to Sanctuary

8:00pm Christmas Eve Service #2 with Orchestra

8:50pm A Blessed Christmas to you…..and all of you to your homes



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