Sara Marantz & Yoko Black
Mission Trip to Japan

As previously announced, Sara Marantz and choir member Yoko Black will embark on a mission trip to Japan,  July 6 and return to Dallas, July 28.  


This mission trip will enable Sara and Yoko to share the love of God through spoken testimony and their musical talents with thousands of students ranging from kindergarten to college age.

Below you will find two letters of invitation.  One from the Chaplain of the Seinan Gakuin University, one of the schools that Sara and Yoko will visit.  The second letter is from the Senior Pastor at Seinan Gakuin Baptist Church. Both letters provide more itinerary details of Sara and Yoko's mission trip.

Their mission trip to Japan was planned in advance of receiving the Texas Choral Director's Association Convention invitation and regretfully Sara and Yoko will not be with us in San Antonio.  However, they are excited about their opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to thousands of young people in a country with about a 1% Christian population.  Sara and Yoko request your prayer support while they undertake this Kingdom work in Japan.

Sara and Yoko wish to extend an invitation to the Sanctuary Choir, Orchestra and other friends to attend a "Pre-Japan Mission Trip Duo-Piano Concert" on Friday,  June 23 at 2 pm in the Choral Hall.  Please make every effort to attend their concert - You Will Be Blessed!


Dear Brothers and Sisters at Park Cities Baptist Church,

Greetings to our friends in Christ in the U.S.A., with thanksgiving to the Lord. I am grateful to have two of your church members, Yoko Black and Sara Marantz, with us at Seinan Gakuin Baptist Church this July.

We would like to ask them to give their testimonies in music and words in our first service and the second service on July 9,2017. We have also asked them to help our ministry at our kindergarten during the weekdays. On July 15 (Sat.), they are kind enough to help our Vacation Bible School, followed by the summer festival where they can fellowship with our children, their parents, and the people in our neighborhood.  I believe God will bless our time with Yoko and Sara.

May the Lord Jesus Christ shower blessings upon your church.

In Christ,
Ichiro Odori
Senior Pastor at Seinan Gakuin Baptist Church



The audio is somewhat degraded due to the location of the audio recorder, but all in all, the recording still manages to capture the magnificent talents of Sara and Yoko