Sanctuary Choir Loft Etiquette

Desired Goal
To lead God’s people in authentic worship that engages our bodies, minds, and spirits. As leaders, we cannot be a distraction for others in worship.


  1. Do not allow your appearance to be a distraction. No big or sparkly jewelry. No large earrings. No flip flops. Wear dark shoes if your feet are visible to the congregation.

  2. No perfume or strong lotion fragrances.

  3. No food or drink or chewing gum in the loft during worship services.

  4. Be aware of your stole’s position and adjust as needed before entering the loft. Check your neighbor’s stole.

  5. When entering the loft, carry your folder at your side that is nearest the congregation.

  6. Do not make eye contact with the congregation.

  7. Do not talk in the loft except at the greeting time.

  8. No movement in the loft. That means no stretching, no scratching, no yawning, no hair styling, no waving, no touching your face, no fanning.

  9. Maintain good posture when sitting as well as when standing. No slouching in the seat, especially if you sit directly behind the pulpit.

  10. Don’t cross your legs if you sit where they are visible by the congregation either on the floor or from the balcony.

  11. Turn your body toward the director, not the congregation.

  12. Rise and sit together on cue. Watch the director!

  13. When the choir is standing, keep your folder open in front of you.

  14. Keep your hands at your side or holding your folder.

  15. Hold your music up and away from your body so you can see the director and so the congregation can see your face.

  16. Monitor your facial expressions. Look engaged and interested while others are speaking. Make a conscious effort to display a joyful countenance while leading in worship.

  17. Turn pages quietly.

Any suggestions for revision or clarification are welcomed

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