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12/11 Sanctuary Choir - Message from Stephen

Beloved friends and servants of the Sanctuary Choir,

On the eve of our most important rehearsal, where we will run the program in order of performance at 9:30am (Saturday 12/12), I feel it necessary to communicate to you my heart. This past Wednesday evening saw our choir come together in numbers unlike what we have experienced in quite a while. In fact, it has been since the Baylor Alleluia Conference Concert that we have had the kind of attendance we had for rehearsal in the sanctuary two days ago! New colors of sound and new challenges of balance and articulation and intonation appeared almost suddenly.

As I stood before you on the conductor’s stand Wednesday evening, I became deeply aware of the circumstances we all have faced this year, the pressures you are under, and began to grieve that our church culture at large has had to adjust to these influences in this new day. I confess to you that I wished for this kind of attendance and critical mass all semester long as we prepared for this Advent’s repertoire, along with critical repertoire for Sunday morning worship services. Where have simpler days gone?…..and I am not just talking about 40 years ago! I am talking 5 years ago or less!

We have these challenges this weekend, and they affect each of us:

1) All of us to land in the sanctuary with me 50 feet away!

2) Our gifted orchestra will receive a full complement of instrumentalists including several professional players who will join us on Saturday;

3) A chancel full of singers who have not had the privilege of learning the repertoire all together over the course of the semester.

I confess to you that my physical and emotional stamina towards the end of our rehearsal Wednesday evening was running on fumes. As I was conducting you, I was unwisely trying to piece together how we could remedy this in the future and what it will take. So, towards the end of our time, I was growing distracted.

All of this said, please know that THE MAJORITY of what you sang and presented Wednesday evening was stellar and indicative of the kind of choir you are! We have some challenges, but in no way do they have absolute sway over what we will be able to accomplish with Jehovah’s great help. He is our PROVIDER, and He will do it.

You are a great people…a royal priesthood…chosen vessels for Christ’s glory and His Story. We WILL accomplish this together with the sovereign, providential help of our great God and His Spirit. I needed you to know where I was in my heart and mind Wednesday night. It is important for me to assure you that I have all confidence and certainty that you will respond with hearts that are completely His and voices and musicianship which will accomplish the task at hand!!!

Tomorrow morning will be a great morning with our God’s assistance. Pray with me that it is so!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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